Amazing Opportunity for Sophomores – NJ SEEDS Teacher Training Institute

We spend a good amount of time here talking about what can make you all great teachers when you get into your careers, and, admittedly, this is a fuzzy area.  Something we’re starting to learn, however, is that one marker of a strong training program is the balance of time-with-kids to time-in-a-lecture-hall.  The closer you get to 50/50, the better the record of that program.  That’s why we’re excited about this opportunity.

New Jersey SEEDS is a program for high-potential/high-need middle- and high school students (imagine that!).  The model is actually pretty similar to ours, as far as the student program goes, and they have a good rep.  NJ SEEDS is getting into the teacher training game now (imagine that!), and they have teamed up with their host site, The Lawrenceville School, for the NJ SEEDS Teacher Training Fellowship at Lawrenceville.  This is a 3 summer fellowship that gives you a chance to learn alongside the great teachers that staff NJ SEED, along with evening and weekend work during the school year.  This program is brand new, and open to college Sophomores only.

Sadly, this program would take you away from Breakthrough for your last 3 summers of eligibility, but I know you’ll be back, as a Leadership Fellow, Mentor Teacher, or Director.

The announcement.

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