The Teaching Penalty

I know it seems that we’re just reporting bad news for teachers, but I think of it more like we’re finding that these things that have always been bad are now being reported.  As acceptance is the first step toward recovery, this is actually good direction that all this research is coming out about the roadblocks in the way of good teaching.

This time it’s The Teaching Penalty, a report by the non-partisan Economic Policy Institute.  It tracks the relationship between teacher salaries and those for other professions over time, and finds that teacher pay is losing ground to accountant pay, computer tech pay, etc.  In an interesting move, the study focuses on the satus of female teachers.  The idea is that the greatest change in the last several years when it comes to teaching is that women now have other good career options. The difference between a teaching salary and other professional salaries has always been significant for men, but now that women are more able to enter other, better paying professions, the overall “teaching penalty” has skyrocketed.

The summary is here.  You can also read the whole report, if you’re into that.


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