Machiavelli beats Mr. Rogers

A sensational thesis, but well applied in this case.  Always good to remember that being a mentor and inspiration for your students does not translate to being a friend, confidante, or pushover. One good way to disengage kids is by becoming unreliable and unpredictable, particularly when students need to see school as an escape from the randomness and unpredictability of home life.

…can we all please agree that some form of authority is necessary for the effective functioning of any and all classrooms, whatever the subject matter, whatever the age of the students? Can we all please agree that chaos, mayhem, emotional frenzy, intellectual disorder, and a random system of rewards and the withdrawal of rewards will not a good learning experience make? Good. Then let’s listen to Uncle Niccolo (who has little in common with Ol’ St. Nick, believe me).

Machiavelli and Classroom Management By Regina Barreca (Education World)


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