What Kids Want….

Is actually good teaching…

Students Teaching Teachers (History Tech Blog)

This probably isn’t news to you, but I like bulleted lists:

  1. On-line stuff is good
    (Using technology and the right tools for your audience is a good thing)
  2. Paperwork is boring
    (The brain sees no connection between busy work and learning)
  3. Mix things up to keep it fresh
    (Use “hooks” to engage the brain)
  4. Tell stories and experiences to make it real
    (Emotion and stories are great ways to connect content with students)
  5. Teach us how to study
    (Provide scaffolding and structure to content)
  6. Hands on stuff is effective
    (Doing equals learning)
  7. Don’t lecture all period
    (The brain needs time to “chunk and chew”)

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