Who will teach our children?

Daniel Meier, a teacher educator at San Francisco State University has an op-ed in todays SF Chronicle.  He makes an argument for why it’s so hard to find folks to do this important work, and he presents some reasons to hope.

The roadblocks for future teachers:

  1. Low respect for the career (def. something we address at Breakthrough)
  2. It’s too much of a hassle to become a teacher (I quibble with that one, since making it easier to teach would stand in the way of achieving #1.  True, some of the requirements he lists are silly, but it’s not the extra effort and expense that’s the problem.  No one argues that it’s too difficult to become a doctor or lawyer.)
  3. “rigid, teacher-proof curriculum” (I like that – “teacher-proof” – and a good point.  Why work hard if you’re teaching someone else’s script?)
  4. The school system seems like an awfully unreliable employer (All those pink slips will do that.)

Interesting perspective….


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