While Breakthrough is concerned with getting you into a teaching career, it is in our interest that you find that career to be amazing.  We don’t necessarily think any type of school is any better than any other, and we know that there are both incredible and horrible charter schools, independent schools, and public schools.  We do talk a lot about charter schools here on TeachBreakthroughs, but only because they do a lot more recruiting, and there’s a lot of action in that field.

If we find something great, though, schools that we know are excellent, dream schools that are teaching kids in the way that kids need to be taught, we want to highlight it.

Uncommon Schools is a network of 5 charter schools in the NY/NJ area built around rigor, empowerment, high expectations, and the commitment to the belief that every kid deserves a chance to excel. One of their mottos is “teach until they learn.”  That sounds awfully Breaky, and that’s part of the reason I like them so much.  It doesn’t hurt that the founding Principal of Excellence Charter School in Bed-Stuy is Jabali Sawicki, a Breakthrough student from San Francisco, and a former Breakthrough teacher.  You can read part of his story in Breaking it Down, in the chapter on “Teachers as Learners.”  The man is an inspiration, and the narrator of the video below.  It’s 10 minutes of wonderful.

Watch the USI Video


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