Ed’s #2! Ed’s #2!

From the good folks at ED in ’08:

New Polls Show Education as a Top Issue
The Pew Research Center’s latest poll reveals that education is the No. 2 priority for voters this fall, trumping taxes, the war in Iraq and other issues. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 90 percent of voters believe education is important. Specifically, nearly three out of five voters polled said education is “very important.”

We’re very excited about these results, as it shows that as the general election heats up, the general public understands that the only way to ensure a strong economy in the future is to make sure our children have the skills they need for school, work and life.

In all the bluster about the presidential race, it’s important to remember that your local school district, mayor, and state representatives have A LOT more control over what happens in a school than whoever is sitting in the Oval Office.  Presidential politics are fun, but it’s your responsibility to read up on the local bond initiatives and candidate profiles in those less glamorous areas.  And don’t forget to vote in EVERY election – there are 4 in the Bay Area in 2008 alone – you never know what will sneak through when you’re not paying attention.


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