Re: Welcome to the Breakthrough Movement

Nice note from a returning teacher:

Hi Bobby, Thank you so much for your email.

I wanted to share an exciting story with you-

I taught at Breakthrough Fort Lauderdale, Florida last summer. It changed my life, and I am teaching at the Germantown Friends School [Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia] this summer.

I attended Pine Crest School from Pre-Kindergarten until Senior year, and it was so great that I taught as a Breakthrough teacher at Pine Crest. Multiple times, I would emphasize to my students how great of a school Pine Crest is, and how a program like Breakthrough, if taken seriously, can get you there.

I found out last evening that a student of mine from last summer applied to Pine Crest, and is accepted for next year. I found this out because the head of admissions is a close family friend, and she let me know that, because the student attended Breakthrough, and put “Ms. Gilbert- my Breakthrough Language Arts teacher” as a reference, she was admitted on the spot.

It made me so happy because I feel it is such an honor that she put me as her main reference, and also because my words of just how great of a school Pine Crest is, and that no one should stop you from attending the greatest school possible, truly reached her.

I am so thrilled.

Thank you so much for all that you do,

Liz Gilbert
University of Wisconsin- Madison


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