Meet Your Colleagues: Stacey in Denver

Name: Stacey Goguen
Site: Kent Denver
Subject Teaching: Rising 7th grade Literacy (Fiction)
School Attending/Year: Boston University – Graduate Student

What concerns did you have before starting your work with Breakthrough?
I was really concerned that my lack of experience with teaching would be a big issue. I know that Breakthrough is for students who haven’t necessarily had professional experience in the classroom. Still, I was really nervous about it. Also, traveling to a new part of the country (I’m from Mass and went to college in Maryland) is always a little nerve-wracking (along with exciting, of course). I had spent a summer in Montana before, and was really excited to see the Rockies, but I had no idea what the culture of Colorado would be like.

Also, I attended a college with a very unique way of educating (St. John’s College has a Great Books program where all classes are discussion-based and educators are “tutors,” not professors.) I was a bit worried that this style of learning had placed me even further away from kinds of experiences that would help me successfully teach middle school students.

How are you addressing them now?
For one, Colorado is wonderful. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, about 80% of its residents that I have met so far are way above average when it comes to politeness. This, however, is coming from an East coaster, so maybe that should be taken with a grain of salt.

As for my worries, the teacher training program here was amazing. I think I have learned an incredible amount in under two weeks, and feel about 250% more confident than when I stepped off the plane in Denver airport.

I am indefinitely psyched to begin class on Monday. My ‘family’ of teacher have chosen Pirates as the theme for our classroom, and working on decorating our classrooms was actually a big step in calming me down and preparing me for the ordered chaos that will ensue next week. The support network here has been phenomenal. Admin is constantly checking up on me, and I feel like I can ask just about everyone and anyone for help or feedback.

So students of Kent Denver Family One, prepare to enter The Black Pearl (classroom #2) and prepare to be blown away with Literacy this year.




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