Meet your Colleagues: John in Hong Kong

Name: Jon Delperdang
Site: Hong Kong
Subject Teaching: Current Events!
School Attending/Year: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (rising junior)

I had one main concern before starting Breakthrough, and that was the fear of not being a “good” teacher…of failing at my attempt to not only teach the students I have this summer but also failing at learning how to teach. At this point in my life I’m seriously considering a handful of career paths, with teaching being one of them, and one reason I wanted to do Breakthrough this summer was to “test the waters”, so to speak…to see if I liked teaching and if I was any good at it.

One thing that really helped me cope with this concern was meeting and getting to know the other teachers here at Summerbridge Hong Kong and finding out that many had the same concern about teaching as I did, even the returning teachers who’ve taught at Breakthrough before (this is my first year teaching at Breakthrough). One awesome activity we did at the first day of staff orientation really brought this truth out, that “we were all in the same boat” (to continue the water metaphor), that all of us Summerbridge teachers opened up to one another and acknowledged their concerns about doing something most of us Breakthrough teachers have never done before…teach.

The entire atmosphere of Breakthrough (positive, upbeat, encouraging, and supportive) has really helped ease my concern as well…and has made me even more excited about teaching this summer!


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