Meet your Colleagues: Lauren in San Francisco

Name: Lauren Davis
Site: Day School Summerbridge (soon to be Breakthrough San Francisco!)
Subject Teaching: Math and Science
School Attending/Year: I just graduated from Tufts and I’m starting grad school at Columbia Teachers College in the fall.

We have just one more day of training to go, and the kids come on Monday! This week has been absolutely exhausting, but the idea of actually having kids in what is now a pretty empty school is finally starting to seem real. I can’t believe how much we’ve all accomplished this week–we finished the first week’s lesson plans for the 2 academic subjects that we all teach and we decorated the school. I still feel like I have a lot to do, but I know it’s manageable.

As a returning teacher, I was concerned that this year wouldn’t be quite as amazing as last year. So far, I’ve been proven completely wrong! All of the teachers and the new administrators are super friendly, supportive, and enthusiastic about Summerbridge. I’m excited to see the kids that I know from last summer, but I’m also so anxious to meet the new 5th graders and help them adjust to this incredible community. I’m definitely less nervous than I was at this time last year, which I think will help me take the time to really enjoy the first few days of the program. I can’t wait for Monday–it will be so great to see our hard work this week pay off! Now the goal for the weekend to rest up for the week ahead.


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