Meet your Colleagues: Jason in New Haven

Name: Jason Bitterman
Site: New Haven
Subjects Teaching: History and Science
School Attending/Year: Wesleyan University 2010 Concerns and First Impressions:

The days leading up to the program and those first few days of orientation can be both exciting and tense. Even though I have taught with Breakthrough before, I always question whether I can keep writing engaging and thoughtful lessons, uphold a Herculean level of spirit, and continue to dominate in the Breakthrough New Haven Extreme Four-Square Heavyweight Championships. Once I get over these nerves, I then need to remind myself to go beyond those expectations. It’s easy to get in a routine – to emulate past successes – but if I challenge myself to take risks both inside and outside the classroom, my successes will be even greater.

Change can be discomforting, but it is inevitable. If I encourage change, however, I can get past those anxieties and do my part to make this summer fantastic.

On Friday the New Haven faculty got to meet the students during our Family Orientation Night. The event is always nice, since it is a nice break after a few days of teacher orientation and it keeps the energy high as we await the real start of the program. As always there were a mix of reactions among the students. Some are shy, some are a bit unhappy with the prospect of homework, and some are as excited as Breakthrough students are known to be. While not every student can be in the latter group, especially before the summer has begun, I am sure our excellent faculty and students will inspire each other to bring their own forms of spirit and excitement to the program.


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