Meet your Colleagues: Kao in Manchester

Name: Kao Thao
Site: Breakthrough Manchester
Subject Teaching: English and Cell Biology School Attending/Year: University of California, Berkeley/ 2nd Year

Wondering how I was going to explore and spread inter-Collaborative love to a new site was one of my concerns this summer. As a Alumni, returning teacher, and past department head for Breakthrough Sacramento, I cannot even deny the amount of love and dedication for the program. I am not sure what I can truly attribute as the reason for my decision to teach at a different site this summer. Perhaps a moving conversation with Breakthrough Sacramento directors about other sites in the Collaborative? Perhaps taking up on the opportunity to take positive risks (something I had for so long attempted to instill in my students)? But, whatever it may be, this concern is a feeling that keeps me on my toes every time I think about how I can get the most out of the Breakthrough Collaborative and give the most to my students.

Before my work with Breakthrough began a day ago (training week), I was a little unsure of what to expect in terms of new faces, ideas, settings, and being a homestay. For so many years, I have breathed, dreamed, and lived as a Breakthrough Sacramento kid. Being a BTM (Breakthrough Manchester) faculty member is beginning to feel just like the fresh breeze-temperate-random drizzling- weather that I wake up to everyday. I am very excited to see the students and how the summer will unfold. There are so many things that are different about this new site that makes me see myself loving it while at the same time, leaving me missing old things as well. All in all, exploring and spreading inter-Collaborative love is still something I hope to have a better understanding of at the end of the summer. In the mean time, this experience is allowing me to be out of my comfort zone and seeing the bigger picture of how great a movement I have been so lucky to be a part of.

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