Meet your Colleagues: Rachel in San Francisco (UHS)

Name: Rachel
Site: San Francisco at UHS
Subject: French I
School: UCSD, 2011

As a returning teacher, I almost feel like I have something to prove—to show that I have learned from my past summer experience and that I have grown during the other three seasons. But actually, the feeling really is more the desire to Improve. And based on my first impressions of this summer’s SBSF faculty, I feel more than confident that I will have all the support I need to surpass the level of improvement that I expect for myself this summer.

One of my major goals for the summer is to provide my students with more of a consistent, reliable structure in the classroom while maintaining that fun, Summerbridge atmosphere. I want to give my students enough stability for them to feel comfortable about taking their learning into their own hands, and enough excitement for them to want to do it. In order to achieve this goal, I’ve been collaborating extensively with the other French teacher on our curriculum so that our students have a wider base of peer support. As for the curriculum development itself, my co-teacher and I have been checking in with our mentor teacher to make sure the material is appropriate for the age level and the short timeline. And we’ve been brainstorming fun activities, “borrowing” ideas from all different departments, and trying to think of ways to connect French to the other subjects like science and math.


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