Meet your Colleagues: Hannah in Miami

(Ed. Note: Hannah was a contributor last year.  Find her stuff here. And here. And here.)

Name: Hannah Fitzpatrick
Miami, FS Tucker
Social Studies; South Asian History
School Attending/Year: Barnard College, 2010

I have begun my second summer working with Breakthrough Miami. Bright and early tomorrow morning, the kids will arrive and I will be back in the classroom. I did not think a year ago that I would return to Miami but something kept pulling me back. Indeed, many teachers say that there is some invisible inexplicable force that draws them back year after year.

But I know exactly what brought me back: my students. Sometime between last August and now, the kids that wandered into my room became mine, a group of ten young people whose well-being and success are now among my top priorities.

Small things worry me: will I be better than I was last year? Will I be a good department chair? Will I teach my class right? Will my behavior management plan work (it failed miserably last summer)? But so much more excites me: I have been reunited with teachers who inspire me and who care about me and who I love working with. I have met even more new teachers who show so much promise. I am teaching what I love: South Asian history.

Now, however, I need sleep for my first day!


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