Lessons Learned: Kao in Manchester

Whew! My first week of teaching is now officially over and done with. And even though it has only been a week’s worth of time spent with the students, I am already learning so much about myself and my students.
Nothing feels better than being able to pick yourself up after a rock-bottom encounter with pre-adolescents. From my experience with Breakthrough thus far (the two previous summers included), I am reminded again of the importance of language and how integral it is to the learning process between teachers and students. As educators, we ought to make our mastery of language a secret priority throughout this summer (and beyond). The way we can lower our voices and make students listen; the way we can vary our voice levels to evoke humor, suspense, and excitement; and the way we can speak seriously to our students to show them that we sincerely choose to dedicate ourselves to the caring and nurturing of our students are just some of the many reasons why language is so important.

For my fellow colleagues out there, I challenge you all to make the mastery of language your secret priority this summer.


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