I just got this note from Rachel, BTNY teacher 2006-2007:


Hey, Bobby!

I love reading the BT blog! It totally makes my day! I just wanted to send you a cool little story.

This summer I’m working at a summer enrichment program called Summer Exploration in Marlborough, MA. The program has a similar philosophy and set-up to Breakthrough, though the make-up of the student body couldn’t be more different than the typical Breakthrough pool of kids. During faculty orientation, my Curriculum Advisor (same idea as a mentor teacher) explained how the CA system work and informed us that we would really have this support anywhere else, at which I politely smiled. When it came time for our one-on-one meetings he began commenting on my lesson plans but stopped himself suddenly — “Have you ever worked at Summerbridge?” he asked.

In the “Objectives” section of the lesson plans I made liberal use of SWBAT (Students Will Be Able To…) My CA, Joe Alberti (who had done BT-Philly a few summers ago), recognized it immediately.

BTAWBAT — BT Alumni/ae Will Be Able To spot excellent teacher training from a mile away.

To all of the BT teachers this summer: good luck! You’re in great hands!

Rachel (BT-NY ’06-’07)

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