Lessons Learned: Ezra in Hong Kong

More from Ezra in Hong Kong:

Last summer in Cambridge, I learned how much a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere contributes to my ability to perform well at a task. Yesterday, when we met the students here in Hong Kong, this idea was reinforced for me. I was very nervous to meet the students:
nervous about being able to communicate with them despite the language barrier (for all of them, English is at least a second language, if not a third) and nervous about being a good teacher this summer. But the support and encouragement of my fellow teachers, along with the intensity of the first day with the students, allowed me to get over my nerves. I have not been surprised to find in Hong Kong a supportive, positive staff, because that is what I have come to expect from SB/BT teachers.

–Ezra Fishman
(Cambridge ’07, Hong Kong ’08)


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