Lessons Learned: Marni in Norfolk

Along the same lines of my last post, I think that we must not forget as we get closer to the kids, the difference in education and maturity between us and the kids. Sometimes it can be hard to remember high school chemistry (in my case) or how to begin to learn a modern foreign language. In addition, we might not remember waht it was like to be 12 years old, and you haven’t traveled anywhere outside of your state.

The experiences that we have had over the last five to ten years have changed us. This is undeniable. The students in Breakthrough still have a long ways to go, and our relationship must remain as a mentor/student relationship. I was trying to explain this to a fellow teacher this past week, and the biggest peice of advice I could give was that it is ok for the student to see us as a close confidante, but we cannot place personal problems on the kids to try and help or expect them to listen. It is so much harder to remember as we start into our fourth week of the program and the kids begin to seem like good friends instead of a potential, necessary for our molding and aid.


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