Success! Isaiah in Norfolk

I believe my success comes through transcending the class room. When you arrive in this building as a student, it is mandatory that you get to your specific class but what happens between classes or on breaks is where the BIG decision lies. This is where I believe my success story takes place. I say this because children who have only known me for four weeks and two days are coming to my class to ask for extra help, to finish assignments, to ask for life advice, or to just kick back and talk. I have a fervent belief that this is my most critical breakthrough because the issues that our kisd face in this day and age are more than likely not concerning how well they solve quadratic equations or how perfectly structured their essay’s may be (they will learn these things later on when their real problems are solved) but how to become a productive citizen as well as a promising student while simultaneously dealing with the pressures of life and our kids are taking strides in that direction.


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