Four Fantastic Breakthrough Job Opportunities in Houston!

Do you believe in Breakthrough’s vision? Do you want the opportunity to help children in this country have excellent educational opportunities? Well, Breakthrough Houston has four job openings and one of them might be great for you! Click the links below for more information:

Assistant Director for Advancement The Assistant Director for Advancement is primarily responsible for raising the funds necessary to operate the program and to begin to create an endowment to underwrite the cost of the program’s annual operations.

Executive Director The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that the programs and people of BTH effectively serve its mission to inspire excitement for learning, create paths to college, and promote careers in education.

School Year Coordinator The School Year Coordinator assists with to offering academic support and enrichment for the program’s middle-school students during the school year while also offering high school students a rewarding opportunity to teach, tutor and mentor younger students. (Part Time)

College Readiness Coordinator The primary aim of the College Readiness Coordinator is to assist BTH students in their efforts to succeed academically in high school in preparation for successful matriculation and completion of college. (Part Time)


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