Meet Ieesha

Meet Ieesha McKinzie.    She’s been a teacher with TFA and with Breakthrough Atlanta.  As our new Development and Communications Associate, she’ll be making appearances on TeachBreakthroughs, sharing exciting opportunities for all of you.  Keep an eye on the top of the blog, as we’ll soon be adding an “Opportunities” page to TeachBreakthroughs, a collection of jobs, scholarships, fellowships, and other fun things to help you get where you’re going.  *Alums who receive the regular e-mails from our Yahoo Group will soon be routed to this page.*

On top of her role as an arbiter of career and educational information on the blog, she also brings a healthy range of experiences with her, and I’m sure she can be a resource for you in the future.  Her bio is after the jump.

Ieesha McKinzie serves two teams as Breakthrough’s new Development and Communications Associate. She is returning to the Breakthrough family after serving as an 8th grade science teacher for the Atlanta site in 2003. It was there that she grew a love for education and joined Teach for America after graduating from Hampton University in 2006. For the past two years, she has taught elementary school on the west side of Atlanta. A journalist by trade and a teacher at heart, she hopes to combine her loves for journalism and communications with her passion for education to help support Breakthrough’s efforts to increase educational opportunities for students. In her free time, Ieesha enjoys kite flying, trivia and board games — when she isn’t shopping.

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