Success! Ezra in Hong Kong

The first week-plus of the summer, I got the feeling that my Family was not doing well together. When I would give a prompt or ask a question during Family time, I was often greeted by a lot of blank stares. I also did not get the sense that the students in my Family were getting anything meaningful out of Family time or bonding with each other.

Over the last week, I can sense things changing. Family time has included fewer awkward silences. Students have been more forthcoming with their ideas, especially as we have planned for the ASM we will be facilitating tomorrow (Thursday). I have gotten a good deal of positive feedback directly from the students: yesterday, unbeknownst to us, the students made a thank-you poster for the Family teachers which they then presented to us during family time. Today, I saw that a student who has been having a hard time at Summerbridge and has a lot to deal with outside of Summerbridge was smiling and excited throughout Family time and ASM. This positive feedback from the students has made me feel much better about our Family and made me feel more secure that our Family students are excited to be in the Summerbridge environment. And the more excited and comfortable they feel in the Summerbridge environment, the better they can achieve SB Hong Kong’s goals for them: to improve their English, to gain confidence as students and individuals, and to build a sense of teamwork and cooperation.



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