Celebration! Kao in Manchester

Every summer is never the same.

The same applies to the concept of Celebration.

As a Celebration Committee member, I find myself making dance moves and singing secret songs that even members of the faculty does not know….at least not just yet. The thrill of knowing what should happen (i.e. skits, testimonials, etc) makes me jump out of my seat every time I think about the whole thing. While preparing skits and making sure that I know enough of the sixth grade song and dance moves to teach it to the students this week, I am also preparing myself for the emotional tidal wave that will come.

I love the poster displays of student works. I love the rush of making sure things go on time. I love the FOOD. I cannot wait to see the Directors tear up (afterall, if they start crying then that must mean it was a pretty good summer). But most of all, I cannot wait to see my students sing and cry during the slideshow. I cannot wait to see myself cry.

Celebration is beyond Breakiness. Sometimes, I think it’s a little of self-revelations with sprinkles of intense proudness all around. Last year, I didn’t cry at Celebration. I told myself that perhaps it was because I was getting stronger and older and wiser, but that’s sooo not true. Honestly, I am unsure of what Celebration will bring in terms of emotions. I am a homestay and flying back from Manchester to California will surely make this Celebration more important than ever.

Let’s just say, if it’s not my students performing on stage that will make me cry happy tears, then I think the slideshow it will be. Oh, those slideshows! They never fail.


2 Responses to Celebration! Kao in Manchester

  1. secret pal says:

    Yayyy Kao. You’re sooooo awesome, I hope you enjoyed the Manchester Faculty as much as the Manchester Faculty enjoyed you!!!

  2. Herng says:

    Rumor has it that Kao’s Happy Tears cure cancer. I have a jar prepared already.

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