Laura in SJC: The moments that make us remember “why”

This morning was just one of those mornings. Not only was the train that brings some of our teachers running late, but our bus driver didn’t show up to pick up students. After a mad rush to find a new bus driver and send another teacher to the train station, we felt we comfortably had avoided disaster – Breakthrough would continue another day, students would arrive on the bus and all would go as planned.

As I sat on the bus to go with our new driver on the pick-up route, a thought occurred to me. If I had been waiting at 7am half an hour for a bus and it didn’t show I would go back home and straight back into my bed.

I feared that the bus stops would be deserted and perhaps Breakthrough would be short about 75% of our students for the day. While these thoughts coursed through my brain we pulled out of the school and headed down the main highway to our first bus stop.

There, sitting on the bus peering out the window, my fears dissipated. Walking towards the school were two of our boys who lived easily over a mile away WALKING to Breakthrough because the bus hadn’t shown up.

At the first bus stop we picked up almost all our kids; those who weren’t at the stop had found other ways to reach Breakthrough and a call tree had manifested itself among our students so that one girl knew what was going on at each stop and what I should expect. They filled me in on who was where and how each student was getting to Breakthrough. They let me know exactly where the bus should turn around and where to stop to pick up all our students.

I’ve never been so proud of our students. They took a “whatever it takes” attitude towards getting to Breakthrough. They contacted the faculty to find out where the bus was and what they should be doing to ensure they could get to Breakthrough.

We had almost 100% attendance today, and the day is rolling on despite our crazy morning.


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