Lauren in San Francisco – Summer She’ll Never Forget

It’s hard to believe that Breakthrough is over for the summer. The last week was very stressful because in addition to planning the last few classes, I was on Celebration committee. Throughout it all, though, I really learned how supportive and amazing all of the teachers are and I realized how lucky I am to work with such wonderful people (not that I hadn’t already known this). I loved watching my students work on their final projects and impress me once again with their creativity and determination to succeed. What really amazes me about the last week of the program, both last year and this year, is how upset the students get when they have to leave Breakthrough for the last time. It’s really unbelievable that despite the hours of homework we give them and the fact that they have to work so hard all summer, the students are so sad to see it all end. On Friday, our last day, one of our fifth graders was sobbing all through lunch and I started thinking that it’s really incredible to see how much Breakthrough means to these kids. On Saturday, Celebration finally came, and it went perfectly. I loved talking with some of the parents and watching the presentations, but I definitely did not enjoy saying goodbye to the kids (and saying goodbye to the teachers a few days later). It’s so difficult to be around the same group of people for 6 weeks straight and then abruptly say goodbye, knowing that I may not see a lot of these people again, or at least not in the near future. Even though it’s only been a few days since Celebration, the students have started emailing the teachers saying that they miss us, which is so sweet and makes me miss them even more. This was definitely a summer I’ll never forget!



One Response to Lauren in San Francisco – Summer She’ll Never Forget

  1. says:

    It’s never easy to say good-bye, at least for me. I guess even if they worked hard special connections have been built it’s weird to then move on without them…

    Someone who is leaving the city of her dream and people she loves…

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