Celebration! Ezra in Hong Kong

Celebration at Summerbridge Hong Kong is similar to Celebration in Cambridge (and, I imagine, elsewhere in the U.S.) in that it is all about having the students perform and show what they have learned over the summer. Many of the elements are the same: two student speeches, one teacher speech, performances by classes, etc. The mood is also similar: mostly celebratory and proud, with some sadness that the summer is over.

I sensed that in Hong Kong the mood was a little more emotional than it was in Cambridge last summer. There was a lot more crying and hugging, and many students and teachers were just really sad that the summer was over, more than they were happy about how good the summer had been.

For me, Celebration was a happy time. My overwhelming feeling was pride in my students’ accomplishments, in knowing that they were doing things they could not have done five weeks prior. This feeling was much stronger than any sadness I might have felt. I was not so sad; I was proud and happy. Kudos to the students and staff for your Summerbridge spirit all summer long!

Cambridge ’07, Hong Kong ’08


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