Final Reflections + Fall: Isaiah in Norfolk

This fall is no different than any other in terms of what I want to do and how I want to go about achieving those goals. Now, what has changed is my whole persona. The kids from Breakthrough have only intensified my fortitude to become what seemed like a fairy tale dream before I met them. I always dreamt of becoming a successful lawyer and eventually representing my state in the Senate but the effort it takes to obtain such a status is what seemed to always cloud my vision. I had the determination but I was dreading the work that would test my drive. Now, it seems like the road is clear. I can see the path ahead of me.

I am willing to work. In fact, I welcome the challenge because I know that it will only make me stronger. I truly owe this new found strength of mind to “my kids.” Now, I have another reason to make it.

I have to achieve my goals to first and foremost, show them it can be done and secondly, advocate on their behalf in a Washington that seems to have their interest on the back burner. I walked into those Norfolk Academy doors destined for greatness but I walked out destined for greatness along with an imperative purpose. I owe it all to them.


One Response to Final Reflections + Fall: Isaiah in Norfolk

  1. Clay Atlas says:

    Great entry. Honest & inspiring. Breakthrough was lucky to have you.

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