MATCH Corps – A Year of Service. Breakthrough Approved.

Long-time TeachBreakthroughs readers will remember our previous posts about this great program from teaching alum Erin Tsukamoto (Miami ’06, Cambridge ’07).  MATCH Corps is back for another year, and here’s a message from Erin:


I sent this last year around this time to inform the Breakthrough Community. I taught Miami ’06 and Cambridge ’07 and spent last year working at the MATCH High School. We just opened a new middle school this fall (where I currently work with several other Breakthrough alums) and have started a new teacher training program as well.


The MATCH Corps is an urban education service year program at the MATCH High and Middle Schools, both open-admission Charter Public Schools in Boston, MA. The MATCH mission is to close the academic achievement gap that our almost entirely minority student body faces, and prepare each of the urban youths at our school to succeed in college. Corps members work 1-on-1 with 5 MATCH students every day, tutoring them in their classroom subjects and on SAT, AP, and MCAS tests. The Corps, who live in dorm housing in the High School and in apartments near the Middle School, also have secondary duties as teaching assistants and administrative assistants, as well as running clubs, coaching sports, and powering extracurricular activities.

MATCH has received much recognition since it opened its doors in the fall of 2000 for its rigorous, innovative approach to urban education. In 2007, MATCH was named by US News & World Report at one of the nation’s top-100 High Schools, and in 2008 was similarly recognized by Newsweek as one of the top-25 High Schools in the country.

Corps members have the option to take part in the MATCH Teacher Training Program during their Corps year, a program designed to produce unusually effective and confident first-year teachers. Corps members go on to teaching or administrative positions (often staying on at MATCH), as well as a variety of grad schools (law, medicine, education, etc.) and to positions as public policy leaders and social advocates.

To apply to the MATCH Corps, complete the questionairre and submit your resume and cover letter via the website at:

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