Reflection: Jamie in Miami

Jamie hasn’t posted on TeachBreakthroughs before, but she sent the letter below to Lois Loofbourrow after they met this summer.  Lois sent it to me, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Dear Lois,

This summer was an amazing experience for me all around. Teaching English was really amazing, and made me realize what a passion that I had for teaching in general. I was totally amazed by all of my students. Each and every student had taught me something new, and I was consistently impressed by their quality of work and enthusiasm. In fact, I think that I have learned as much from them that they have learned from me, if not more.

These past eight weeks have flown by, and even though lesson plans and nearly-constant observations loomed forever on the horizon, this has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have had the pleasure of being involved in in my entire life. It was so rewarding, seeing the students grow, and change over the short six weeks that they were with us. I realize now that I would have done things differently, had I known that our time with them would have been this short. Overall, I feel that these six weeks have taught me more than any semester-long Education course ever could have.

I was so glad to have been chosen for this grand social experiment. My friends are all shocked when I told them that I taught this summer, and yet is seems to natural. The word “Teacher” rolls off of the tongue now. Oh, what a short eight weeks can do.

In short, I am changed for the better from this summer at Breakthrough Miami. I know that I’ve come a long way, and I hope that my students have come just as long as I have. Thank you for creating this amazaing program. This has been an awesome summer, and I hope to maybe return again next year.


Jamie Pflug
English Teacher
Breakthrough Miami
Summer of 2008


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