Summer 2008 Teachers: Looking Ahead

(Note: This message has been sent to 2008 Summer Teachers via e-mail.  If you did not receive this note in your e-mail, please send me a note so that we can make sure you’re on the list.)

Let me guess: you’re back at school or starting a new job, and you’re having a hard time sharing with your friends what happened to you this summer. The basics are easy enough to explain: you taught a class, the kids were amazing, you worked really hard and stayed up really late, and so on. As you’re explaining the details, though, there is something essential and powerful that is left out. It’s pretty much impossible to tell someone else what the Breakthrough experience really feels like. When you run into another Breakthrough teacher, though, something clicks into place and those just-skimming-the-surface stories take on their true depth. You really taught. You really did something.

That bond is special, and it might be my favorite part of working for you. I get to spend my days meeting and serving past, current, and future Breakthrough teachers as they plan their summers and embark on their careers in education. Now that the summer is over, we have some work to do together, and I wanted to send a note to let you know what this fall has in store for us.

New Teacher Database
I want to start by letting you know what we’re working on here at the main office in San Francisco. Probably the biggest project we’re working on right now is the new Teacher Database. That online application that you worked on last winter is being replaced by something better, faster, stronger, a system that will not only efficiently and easily collect your admissions information, but it will allow us to keep track of your development through Breakthrough and serve you into your career.

We’re going to make our services to you as former Breakthrough teachers much more robust. Not only will we be able to direct career and education opportunities to the alums that want them, but we’ll be able to take advantage of your experiences for the benefit of those to follow you. We’ll be able to ask you to welcome Breakthrough students to your campus, or Breakthrough teachers to your graduate school or place of employment. We’re going to make sure that the line on your resume for “Breakthrough Collaborative Teacher” counts when you’re applying somewhere. What this means for you is that we’ll be loading your information into our new Teacher Database in the coming weeks. We’ll periodically ask you for updates to your contact information, as well as any changes to your career or school. Please take a moment to keep us clued in.

Campus Recruiting
While the new database is taking up most of our time at the moment, we’ve delayed our Campus Recruiting operation for a little while. If you indicated your interest in campus recruiting on the teacher survey at the end of your program, you’ll receive an e-mail from me soon with next steps. If you are interested in Recruiting and didn’t check that box or didn’t complete the survey (for shame!), just send me a note, and I’ll add you to my list for applications.

Here’s a rundown of how recruiting will work this year. There will actually be three categories of recruiters this year:

  1. Targeted Campus Teams: The 2-3 recruiters selected from targeted campuses will receive intensive training from national, stipends, swag, and exceedingly high performance expectations (application goals, official events, weekly check-ins). The campuses that will have these teams have been selected on the basis of Breakthrough history, past applications, student body makeup, and room for growth. This list will be shared in the recruiting e-mails to come.
  2. Independent Recruiters: If you are a high school student or you are not selected as a team leader at a target campus, you will still be able to serve as a strong voice for Breakthrough. Should you be accepted as an independent recruiter, you will receive regular e-mail updates from our office on tactics and resources, all the materials you need, and rewards based on demonstrated performance. This is also your chance to prove to us that your campus belongs on the targeted list.
  3. All Breakthrough teacher alumni: Even if you’re super busy and you don’t want to plan the info sessions and flyering, we still expect you all to serve as a proud voice for this program. Tell your friends, talk to your professors, and spread the word. Want some brochures to share with your friends and classmates? Let me know and we’ll get them to you. We’ll send you a guide to recruiting with talking points, info, and references. Applicants for next summer will be able to let us know who referred them to Breakthrough, and any names that show up over and over again will get some special appreciation.

That’s it for now from us, but you’ll be hearing more shortly. Enjoy your return to school, keep on talking about your Breakthrough moments from this summer (hard as it may be to do), and don’t forget that you’re always a part of this organization, and we’re committed to you through your life as an educator.

Don’t be a stranger,

Bobby Cupp | Teacher Excellence Specialist
Breakthrough Collaborative
545 Sansome Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94111
415.442.0600 x108 | Fax: 415.442.0609


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  1. I enjoyed your post and have bookmarked your site. ~ Nancy

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