Ed Policy Smackdown, Pt. 2

Last night, EdWeek.org hosted a debate on education policy in the new administration.  Ed advisors to the Obama and McCain campaigns met at Teachers College to answer questions about NCLB, student achievement, and teachers.

The writeup from EdWeek (hint: not impressed).

Despite that, I found the debate really interesting and worth the watch.  The candidates are too busy to put in more than a minute or two toward education, and they avoid specifics on any policy so as to stay out of the weeds.  These advisors, however, are living in the details of proposals and plans.  So, while the debate didn’t reframe what we already knew about the candidates’ general attitudes, we did get a bit more into their thinking, philosophy, and a picture of what might actually happen in an administration.  Video should be up at edweek.org this afternoon.

UPDATE: The video’s up, but it’s behind a registration wall.  EdWeek is good folks, though, and worth a registration to watch the debate.  Click here.

One Response to Ed Policy Smackdown, Pt. 2

  1. […] a side.  In choosing union stallwart, NCLB opponent, TFA critic, and anti-merit pay crusader  Linda Darling-Hammond to head his education transition committee, Obama has sent a signal that major reform not be a […]

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