A fellow Breakthrough alum wants you to keep teaching!

We know that Breakthrough really lays the foundation for future educators and we hope that the work you’ve done with us has inspired you to continue a career in education. We’re confident that your summer teaching experience with us will give you the edge you need to be an effective Teach For America corps member. There are eager students out there who need committed teachers like you! Are you up for the challenge, again? Lauren Tinkoff was. Here’s her story:

Dear Breakthrough Collaborative alumni,

My name is Lauren Tinkoff, and I am a 2007 Teach For America corps member and a former Breakthrough Collaborative teacher. The summer I spent teaching at Providence Summerbridge was one of the most transformative and inspirational times in my life. Now, in the midst of my second year as a part of the New Mexico corps, I have been able to use some of that Breakthrough spirit to help transform not only myself, but my students and my school as well.

I decided to join TFA because I wanted to bring the excitement and passion for learning that exists in Breakthrough to the everyday classroom. I teach 9th and 11th grade English in an extremely rural community on the Navajo Nation. Our students, on average, are reading at a fourth grade level, and often do not know simple math facts such as subtraction. This is not just an achievement gap – it is a chasm.

We can do something about this educational inequity. Closing the achievement gap isn’t just about test scores – it’s about giving students the education they deserve. When Shawndale (goth, anarchist, and self-proclaimed hater of all things literary) asks me to print out some more Emily Dickinson poems for him, I know that I’m making a difference.

Join us in the fight to end educational inequity. The second deadline is November 7th. Apply now.


Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates and professionals of all academic majors and career interests who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools and become leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity. Join them in the fight ot end education inequity.


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