UPDATED DEADLINE: Your 12-month M.A.T. and Certification from Brown U.

The Master of Arts in Teaching progam at Brown University prepares future educators to understand fundamental principles of teaching and learning and to employ that understanding to work effectively with all children, youth, families and communities. The program is dedicated to the idea that teaching is creative and intellectually serious work. Intentionally small in size, the program seeks to ensure that future teachers learn best practices in curriculum design and instruction, and to develop personal characteristics that enable them to work collaboratively with others. Student teachers are encouraged to seek constructive feedback, take risks, engage with colleagues in exploring sensitive issues of race, class, linguistic diversity, sexual orientation and gender, and to explore opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our commitment to contributing to the creation of a truly democratic, multiracial, multicultural society begins with the program’s work in the community and the schools and is best seen through the ability of graduates to reflect critically on their work and the world.

Brown offers M.A.T. programs in elementary education, secondary English, secondary history/social studies, and secondary biology.

Applications for admission to the class of 2010 are due by January 2, 2009.  (Not in February)

For further information about the program and the application process, please contact Karl Dominey at: Karl_Dominey@brown.edu, 401-863-2407


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