Oh snap! Blogfight over Darling-Hammond.

Ezra Klein at The American Prospect, in response to Seyward Darby:

But nowhere does the article examine, or even so much as mention, Darling-Hammond’s own ideas for reform. Which is strange given that Darling-Hammond is a longtime reformer who helped write Obama’s education plan and is considered a leading expert on teacher quality.

He also adds a dig at Michelle Rhee:

 The debate over education policy has become unmoored from education policy and is now a debate over whether you are an “old” style Democrat in hock to the unions or an awesome new style reformer who has two! separate! blackberries!


And Darby’s response:

Klein suggests that, in this debate, I am choosing sides based on the relative trendiness of policy ideas or education leaders. On the contrary, I believe, as he does, that this boils down to who offers better policy. But on top of that, it matters who is more open-minded about seeking and implementing that better policy, even if it requires serious change that might buck the Democratic education establishment. 

One Response to Oh snap! Blogfight over Darling-Hammond.

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