Meet Dave!

Hello Breakthrough!

How exciting to submit my first post on!!!

I am joining Breakthrough veteran Bobby Cupp on the Teacher Excellence Team. I am slowly but surely transitioning to take over the recruitment and teacher alumni relations work that he has done for the past few years. Some of you may have already received a friend request from my BT facebook profile! Go ahead, let’s start some network building!

I am coming to Breakthrough from Citizen Schools, a national non-profit based in Boston. They run after-school and expanded learning time programs throughout the country mobilizing and supporting volunteers to teach their passion and expertise with middle school youth. As a Citizen Schools National Teaching Fellow, I worked in two departments at the national headquarters each morning, and in a local public school in the afternoon leading after-school programming. I’m a graduate of Wesleyan University (’05) and recently completed an M.Ed at Lesley University in Cambridge MA.

As we begin to build out our Teacher Alumni Network I am very interested to hear from YOU about innovative and dynamic ways to make this Breakthrough teacher network as vibrant and connected and inspiring as your summer teaching experience.

Cheers, Breakthrough. I look forward to working with you!



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