400 already?

Here is what I saw when I logged in to our summer 2009 application this morning:

dash2102Dang!  That’s 3,000 total applications and 404 submitted.  Only a short week after hitting 300.  This is happening quick.

So here are the answers to some of the questions I’m getting a lot these days:

  • Is X site still accepting applications?
    Yes.  All sites are still accepting applications.  If you look on the Site Roster at the ones that get a lot of applications and only select a few teachers, though, you’ll know which ones are filling up faster.
  • Does X site offer _________? (housing/travel $$/foreign language/etc.)
    Have you looked over the Site Roster yet?  That listing of all the details on each of our affiliates?  There is a link for it on the top right of the application? Hmm?

Keep those apps rolling in!

4 Responses to 400 already?

  1. Caitlyn Hildebrandt says:

    I may have missed it but I was wondering where I could get a recommendation form? I just sent in my application and am wanting to get the recommendation process rolling as well. Looking forward to hearing back from you, about this and my application!

  2. Mark says:

    When do the sites start notifying about acceptances? I’ve already been interviewed, and can’t wait to hear back.

    • Bobby Cupp says:


      The word of the day is patience. Think about how awesome it will be when you hear news, and about how that awesomeness will increase every day.

      The sites are working hard to make their decisions, and you’ll be the first to know if they want to make you an offer.

      Best of luck!


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