Opening up the Breakthrough Mailbag: “Assigned”

Jen writes:

Hi Bobby,

My application status has been changed to assigned. I was curious as to what that meant because I have not been contacted by any sites yet.


Great question Jen!

There is a functional answer, and there is a technical answer.

The functional answer is that there is no difference between “Early Assignment” and “Assigned.”  You may still be interviewed by any of your sites, and no one has made a decision yet on your application.

The technical answer is longer.  I’ll hide it behind the jump if you’d rather not trouble yourself.

When you choose the four sites in which you are interested on the application, a really interesting and complicated process kicks off that is not totally unlike the NFL draft.  Your preferred sites have “ownership” of your application in order of how you ranked them.  

Where it really gets complicated is closer to the application deadline.  Since we want you to know where you’ll be headed with a reasonable amount of preparation, we add a ticking clock to all of our applications.  Once this “Automation” period begins, the directors have only a limited amount of time to interview you and make decisions on you.

The system needs to work in two different ways, then: before the timers are switched on (Early Admissions), and after the timers are switched on (Automation).  Last Friday, we flipped the switch turning on all of those timers, moving the process from Early Admissions to Automation, and changing many of our applications from “Early Assignment” to “Assigned.”  

There is no difference for you, the applicant, at all.

2 Responses to Opening up the Breakthrough Mailbag: “Assigned”

  1. Lydia says:

    On the same note, what does “offer pending” mean?

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