The Final Countdown!

Note to all of you late submitters:  If the login panel seems a bit jumpy, please just be patient, refresh your page, and try again.  This is our brand new system, and it is being slammed right now with traffic.  Your login will work but you just have to keep trying.


I think Europe said it best (before most of you were born, and when I was 3 years old), when they said “do-do-DOOOOO… doo-do-do-do…  duh-dum-do-do… duh-do-do-DOO…  THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!”

That’s right.  As you all know by now, the application to teach this summer with Breakthrough will CLOSE on Monday, March 2, at 5:00 PM Pacific time.  Note: PACIFIC TIME.  At that time we will take down the login page at, and we will not accept applications stamped afterward.

Just to let you know about something else, take note that we have historically received up to half of our applications in the last 36 hours of the application period.  That means that there will be hundreds and hundreds of applicants hitting the server at the same time.  As with all things on teh internets, we can’t promise that there won’t be some unpredictable capacity problems, though we are running on a common, reliable platform.  That said, we do not plan to extend the deadline past our stated time.  The best thing you can do to ensure that you get submitted is to hit that submit button in time to beat the crowd on Monday.


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