A Note of Thanks

Breakthrough Teacher Applicants-

Thank you so much for your patience and perseverance throughout this entire application process. We are excited to announce that at March 3 2008 5:00pm PST the application submission deadline has passed and we are now moving into the interviewing and selection stage of this process.

We have officially surpassed our number from last summer of 1,538 application submissions, as well as our final goal of 1,700. As of 5:00 Pacific Standard Time, we have received 1,932 applications for our approximately 780 teacher positions. This is truly becoming one of the most competitive undergraduate opportunities in the country!

You can find all of the relevant information about the selection timeline, interview and offer process, and the opportunities and challenges of a Breakthrough summer in the Teaching at Breakthrough Handbook, still available at http://teachbreakthroughs.org/apply-to-teach.

Please remember that every applicant will be officially offered a teaching position only once. In order to make an efficient selection process for our Site Directors, we have decided that once an offer is made to a candidate that candidate must accept or reject that offer. Rejecting an offer does conclude your participation in the Breakthrough application process.

At the point that you are considered for a position, you will be asked to submit a letter of recommendation and your unofficial school transcripts.  You should arrange for your letter of recommendation now, so that it will be ready immediately upon request.  You can download the form at this link.  Remember: do not send this recommendation to anyone other than the director that requests it.

Teacher applicants, again, thank you for your passion, commitment, energy and excellence. Only time will tell if you will be able to join us at a Breakthrough site this summer.  Regardless, know that by submitting our (admittedly difficult) application you have shown a commitment to service and your own development.  All we ask is that you remain connected to the growing movement to provide excellent opportunities for underserved students and to change the face of teaching.

All the best,

Breakthrough Collaborative Teacher Excellence Team

Bobby Cupp, Teacher Excellence Specialist

Dave Bryson, Teacher Network Associate


5 Responses to A Note of Thanks

  1. Tony Xu says:

    Hi i was wondering if we would be contacted for an interview through email or the phone?

    I don’t want to miss the phone call because im at school…

  2. Natalie says:

    I can’t wait until late april….=(

  3. Peter Romano says:

    Bah, I’m too excited!! This is worse than when I applied to college. Can’t wait to hear back!

  4. Lucas says:

    Does our first pick have to pass on us before we can get an offer from our second, third, or fourth choice? That is, could I be offered a position by my fourth choice and have to take it — before I hear from my first choice? Thank you.

    • Bobby Cupp says:


      While all of the sites you listed may contact you for an interview, offers can only be made in order of your preferences. If your 3rd site makes you an offer, it is because your first 2 sites have passed on your application.


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