Good Teacher Training – Huge New Study

The research: Both theory and practice are important (via The Christian Science Monitor via PEN NewsBlast.)

A new study has just been released that compares a range of teacher training and certification programs in NYC.  This is the sort of research that is starting to give us some answers to “the Quarterback Problem,” and that will help put better teachers in the schools that need them.

In addition, researchers identified specific elements of teacher training that tended to produce effective teachers:

  • A focus on classroom work that provides meaningful experiences and has good oversight.
  • The opportunity to study the local curriculum.
  • A substantial amount of university course work in subjects they’ll be teaching.
  • A study of learning practices that could be applied depending on classroom needs.

One of the lead researchers here is Stanford Professor Pam Grossman.  She was there with Lois Loofbourrow in the early days of Breakthrough/Summerbridge as a Mentor Teacher, and she helped build out the “students teaching students” model.  We’re awfully proud that one of those taking the lead in the teacher quality movement is a member of the Breakthrough community as well.

Full Study: Surveying the Landscape of Teacher Education in New York City: Constrained Variation and the Challenge of Innovation (PDF)


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