Morehouse Mystique

Check out Colbert King’s review of Morehouse College President Robert M. Franklin’s recent speech to the Morehouse Community “The Soul of Morehouse and the Future of the Mystique” in the Washington Post this past Saturday.  In setting the vision for Morehouse in ethical and academic dimensions, Franklin noted the common thread connecting Morehouse men: “a fundamental sense of discontent with mediocrity and nonsense.”  franklin-pic

President Franklin has agreed to be the speaker this year at Breakthrough Collaborative’s annual fundraiser, “Breaking Break for Breakthrough.” Almost 100 Breakthrough students and teachers have gone on to be alumni of Morehouse College. Each year we recruit and grow our Teacher partnership with this great institution. We salute leaders like Dr. Robert M. Franklin, President of the all-male Atlanta school, who have only the highest expectations for our youth. Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund, declares that his latest book, Crisis in the Village, “should be required reading for everyone concerned about the future of Black children, the Black community and America.” Cornell West declares Dr. Franklin to be “one of the most prophetic leaders and visionary thinkers of his generation.” A scholar-preacher, insightful educator, and frequent commentator on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” Franklin is lauded as a dynamic orator. Get more details here:

For details on special alumni and teacher ticket prices, contact Ieesha McKinzie at of 415-632-4343.


One Response to Morehouse Mystique

  1. Isaiah Moore says:

    I could not be more proud of this distinguished “Morehouse Man.” His vision and works have changed the attitude’s of the many students under his wing and transformed them into Renaissance Men with a social conscious. As a student of this college and and a breakthroughteacher, I am glad that the national office picked him to be the speaker for their event. There could not have been a better choice at such a time.

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