Welcome Summer 2009 Teachers!

Welcome to a summer of learning, opportunity, challenges, and valuable experiences. Through all your hard work, you are about to embark on an amazing experience that will change the lives of your students, your fellow teachers, and most certainly, yourself.

Stany Portrait

My name is Stany Leblanc and I have taught at the Breakthrough Manchester program in New Hampshire for the past three summers. I was an English and Civil Rights teacher and also a member of the Administrative Committee. Breakthrough has had an incredible impact on my life which is why I have returned again and again. After my third year teaching, I served as the campus recruiter at Stanford University, where I am a senior majoring in Urban Studies with a concentration in Urban Education. I will be graduating with honors after completing my honors thesis on the effectiveness of outreach and programming for the parents who are involved in the Breakthrough programs.

Due to my experiences with Breakthrough, I will continue to work to eliminate the achievement gap as part of the 2009 Teach for America Corps, teaching middle school English in New York City. While most teachers are nervous about managing a classroom and planning strong lessons, I feel more than ready for the experience. Breakthrough has laid a strong foundation for me to excel in New York. While TFA will be my path for the next few years, other Breakthrough Teacher Alumni can be found in the field continuing in higher education, teaching at non-TFA schools, working at non-profits and analyzing education policy.

As you can see, the Breakthrough experience is life changing and invaluable. Be ready to give your all to this program because in the end your hard work will mean so much to not only the students you are working with, but also to your own personal growth.

This summer you will not only join the Breakthrough family at your individual site, but you will become connected to the entire Breakthrough Collaborative. For over 30 years Breakthrough has been working to rigorously improve academic outcomes for low-income students and to guide excellent high school and college students into careers in education. Welcome to a Summer 2009 Teacher cohort of almost 800 and a Breakthrough Alumni cohort of over 4,000 alumni! You are a member of an amazing network of dedicated and passionate people that you will find all over the country and in every field you may want to enter.

In closing, I would like to wish you the best of luck this summer as you embark on this enlightening and exciting adventure. Don’t look back now because you are now active agents in the fight against educational inequality. Thank you for being part of this movement!

Stany LeBlanc

One Response to Welcome Summer 2009 Teachers!

  1. Brittany Jackson says:

    Hello. Thank you so much for that inspirational and enlightening submission. Your words have only deepened my immense excitement and exhilaration for the upcoming weeks. I am very happy for all your hard work and great accomplishments. Thank you for your commitment, dedication, and all that you do! God bless and keep up the lifechanging work!

    Brittany Jackson

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