Summer 2008 Bloggers–Impact

This one is from Isaiah Moore who responded to the question “How did last summer impact you?”

It is with great pleasure that I offer my experience on how Breakthrough has helped me in their journey of evoking change in young lives.  My name is Isaiah Moore and I am a junior at Morehouse College in Atlanta.  I was always told that if one achieves some type of success, that he or she should give back at home first.  So, I decided to apply for Breakthrough at Norfolk Academy.  I entered as a young college student who would be teaching English—but not for practice for the future; teaching was not even an afterthought.  You see, my plan was not to be a teacher but an attorney that would ultimately become a Senator.  Needless to say, six weeks with the young scholars of this program and my life was altered forever.  I came to the conclusion that I needed the interaction with young students to obtain even half of the utopia I achieved that summer.  Throughout my whole sophomore year I began to devise plans for my life that would connect law and education.  I came up with one that involved me teaching, law school, and a degree in education administration (it’s a recession, why not stay in school and build your educational resume? LOL). I see myself working my way up the educational latter to become the Superintendent of Newport News Public Schools.  This was the one!  It just seemed so right!  Now, I go to sleep and dream about this and while I’m awake I daydream about it.  I believe my whole reason for being is to be instrumental in young student’s lives and Breakthrough removed the cover from my eyes so that I could see who I really am to become.

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