SummerBloggers 2009 :: Nadila Yusuf

Name: Nadila Yusufnadilayusuf
Breakthrough Site: Providence Summerbridge
Subject Teaching: Eight Grade Literacy
School Attending/Year:  Wheaton College 2011 (Norton, MA)

What are you most looking forward to this summer? What do you imagine you will need to rely on your fellow teachers for?

In March I decided to apply to Breakthrough Collaborative for many reasons. I want to make a “new” difference in the community. Previous summers before I ran campaigns for voter registration drives, workshops for immigrant rights, I mentored and tutored high school students in inner city facing assimilation transition issues; however, the thought of working with Middle School students did not run across my mind until I actually began doing teaching observations in the local high school near my college. This experience was eye opening, and made me realize that I needed to try my ideas out in the classroom, and try to make a difference directly. I found Breakthrough and thought that maybe this could be the beginning of a “new” difference I can contribute in the community.

I believe a teacher’s job is to motivate his/her students to want to be the best he/she wants to be. One of the main jobs as a teacher is to motivate students to succeed and want to get somewhere in life. This summer I am most excited to learn about the students in Providence, learn about their life stories, their learning styles, and their motivations. I also am excited to learn as a teacher. I believe that although the students need us, we as teachers need the students ten times as much because they are the ones that continue to motivate and inspire us. I can’t wait to begin my journey of learning from the students.

Along with being an eighth grade literacy teacher I am also the head of the Spirit cluster. The Spirit cluster at Providence Summerbridge is a group this is made up of teachers that runs events throughout the program around spirit, as well as keeps the mission and vision of the program alive. The Spirit cluster is in charge of organizing the Talent Show, Spirit Week, and other events like Birthdays, All School Meetings, and Faculty Mental Health Surprises. What I am most excited about this part of my job is working with other amazing teachers and coming up with ideas that continue to keep high hopes alive during the summer program.

Although there are many things that I think I will rely on from my fellow teachers, one thing I believe I most need to rely on is the support for energy. I have never worked with middle school students before and am not sure what the energy will be like. I have heard that energy is a key ingredient in making teaching and organizing successful.

Well that’s all for now. I hope you can continue to check out my blog for my journey at Providence Summerbridge that begins June 23!



5 Responses to SummerBloggers 2009 :: Nadila Yusuf

  1. Mathu says:

    Nadila, you have so many talents to bring to bear for this job! I know you’ll be a smashing success. I also think your perspective about the students is right on – when I was a teacher, that’s what kept me going. As long as you keep seeing them as your source of energy, you’ll be great!

  2. Mrs. Wade-Donohue says:

    Hi Nadila,

    I am so proud of you. This is all so exciting. I am sure you will be wonderful. I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how it goes.

    Mrs. W-Donohue

  3. Tom McCormack says:

    Hi Nadila,

    I am impressed! I know that you will be an enthusiastic, creative teacher! I.m sure the kids love you!

    Mr. McC

  4. Donna Kerner says:


    I love how you came to this summer internship organically. As you know, my daughter Becky is entering the 9th grade at Wheeler in the fall. Middle schoolers are a very special, spirited, and dynamic group to work with. I am sure you will learn a lot from this experience and you will have much to give to your students.

  5. Britta says:


    Don’t worry about the energy. =) That’s what we’re here for!

    Love your post and hope to see more!


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