2009 SummerBloggers :: Christian Martell

Name: Christian MartellChristian Martell
Breakthrough Site:
Breakthrough Miami – Doctors’ Charter School
Subject Teaching: 7th grade American History & Journalism
School Attending/Year:
Brown University

What are you most looking forward to this summer? What do you imagine you will need to rely on your fellow teachers for?

Having recently completed Orientation, I have a new-found respect for all of my past teachers. Everyone at my site has been putting in so many hours knowing the more preparation time we put in the better experiences our students will surely have this summer. Thus, the thing I am most looking forward to in the upcoming weeks is getting to know my students as individuals, but more importantly impacting their lives in a way that gets them excited for learning. I’ve already received the low-down on some of my students, because we have several returning teachers, and they all seem wonderful. The returning teachers at my sight have also proven very helpful by giving the rest of us teaching tips and leading us in all of the different songs and energizers Breakthrough is so known for by their students. Throughout the summer, I will probably rely on these veteran teachers for more things and on the newer teachers for moral support through the long hours of lesson plan writing and event planning. Thankfully, my site is small and has had a good amount of bonding this past week, which will surely continue for the rest of this hot Miami summer.


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