SummerBloggers 2009 :: Molly Chrnelich

Name: Molly Chrnelichmolly chrlich
Breakthrough Site: Philadelphia – Grover
Subject Teaching: Math (Pre-Algebra and Algebra)
School Attending/Year: University of Notre Dame, Class of 2010

What are you most looking forward to this summer? What do you imagine you will need to rely on your fellow teachers for?

This is a huge question! I am looking forward to a lot this summer – the chance to try out the methods and techniques I’ve learned in my education classes, the chance to share my love of learning with others who love to learn, and the relationships and experiences I imagine will develop, to name a few things. However, I guess if I really try to pinpoint it, the thing I am most looking forward to are the surprises, the things I cannot forsee. I am looking forward to the challenges I will face, that I am sure I cannot even fathom right now. I am looking forward to the emotions I think I might experience – triumph, frustration, hope. Although they will not be new emotions, I am sure they will be unique in they way they arise and express themselves. I am looking forward to meeting people – teachers, mentors, and students – full of ideas about education and the world. I am looking forward to surprising myself with the things I think I will learn about myself and the things I will do. I think that Breakthrough is one of those things that cannot be understood until you are a part of it, so although I have some expectations, I do not fully know this summer will be like. I am most looking forward to the things I will learn and experience while discovering what is really means to be a part of Breakthrough.


One Response to SummerBloggers 2009 :: Molly Chrnelich

  1. Neva says:

    Hey Molly!!!

    How’s it going?? We just started our orientation today and oh my gosh do i have a lot to do. Can’t wait to hear how it’s going for you!!


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