Meet our Breakthrough Summer Interns!

209 summer interns 001

Ariel, Jasper and Renee are the awesome interns at the Breakthrough office this summer!

We’re so excited to have a great group of interns at the National office this summer. Each of them bring a diverse set of talents to the team and are helping us tremendously during this busy time. Renee is a former Breakthrough Norfolk teacher,  Ariel taught at one of our San Francisco sites for three years, and Jasper is a rising high school junior with the Coro Exploring Leadership Program. Kudos to them! Check out their bios below:

Ariel Thompson is currently serving as an intern at our national office. She first became involved with Breakthrough in 2005 when she taught 8th grade math at Summerbridge San Francisco. She had such a rewarding experience that she returned to teach 7th grade biology in
2006 and 2007. Ariel graduated from Brown University in 2007 with a degree in Human Biology, and spent two years working as a clinical research assistant with the HIV prevention team at Rhode Island Hospital. She recently relocated to San Francisco in June and is excited to be back working with Breakthrough, the program she attributes to igniting her passion for working with youth and science education.

Jasper is a rising high school junior that attends Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School. Jasper was motivated to do something worthwhile and rewarding during the summer. He first heard of the Coro Exploring Leadership program from a presentation at school and decided to apply to this intense course. Coro’s Exploring Leadership program gives experiences of networking and public speaking to all of its fellows by turning them into interns at different sectors including business, government, and non-profit. Jasper was lead to the Breakthrough Collaborative for the first time to receive hands on experiences in the non-profit sector as an intern for 5 weeks. Jasper also wants to learn about the ways Breakthrough operates in the national office and sites.

After a summer of teaching at Breakthrough Norfolk last year, Renee White came to the West Coast. She splits her time between the Breakthrough National Office and Stanford University. While at Breakthrough, Renee supports the Development and Communications team by assisting in efforts to fundraiser and when at Stanford she works at the Institute for Research on Education Policy and Practice. As an aspiring education policy graduate student, the experience this combination brings her is unbeatable. She is currently a senior at Smith College majoring in Education & Child Studies. When not at work, Renee can be found reading under a palm tree on campus or spending time with her friends.


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