A couple of jewels from the post-summer survey narrative responses…

I’m underneath a mountain of data trying to get reports back to site directors from the annual post summer teacher survey. As I was downloading and quickly checking for edits on some narrative responses from teachers from various sites, I ran across a couple that I wanted to share out. I’m sure there will be more to come; here’s a quick taste from Miami…

I just graduated from college in May with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising/Public Relations. Throughout my entire college career I was not completely satisfied with my major, but dealt with it in order to obtain my degree. Once I graduated I was as a lost as to what I should do because I did not want a job that I would not be completely happy in. However, after working with the Breakthrough program I have decided to pursue my post-graduate degree in Education and hopefully becoming a principal of a middle school. I have never been so sure about something in my life as I have fallen in love with education and more specifically the education of underserved youth. This has been life-changing and has allowed me to set long-term goals and plans that will make me happy in the future.

And from Houston…

When I began college, I was a bit disappointed by the low maturity and underdeveloped passion/ activism of many students in my class.  Participating in Breakthrough this summer was so refreshing because the student teachers I met were the ones I thought would be so abundant in college.  Our director chose the most phenomenal, mature, and supportive staff ever! I learned so much from both the seasoned teachers, mentor teachers, dean of faculty, dean of students, program director, and even the first year teachers.

And from Atlanta…

When we decorated our room during orientation, my colleague and I made a quote board for our students. We intended this to be one of many ways students could feel ownership of the classroom physical and emotional space. Throughout the summer, each student eventually decided to share a life lesson or philosophy, whether self-authored or discovered.  One student’s quote particularly resonated with me, despite—or perhaps because of—its colloquial feel: “The world needs changing and I’m the cashier.” Breakthrough truly has a progressive mission. College students become engaged in and committed to society because they see the fruits of their labor, and our empowered students are endowed with confidence in their future.


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