Guest Post: Breakthrough Teacher Alumni Megan Toyama

Hi Breakthrough!

My name is Megan Toyama, and I taught two summers at Breakthrough Sacramento. I’m currently working as a tutor-teacher at City on a Hill Charter High School (CoaH)–an urban public high school in Boston, MA. As a member of the CoaHCorps, I work with small groups of students on a math and English curriculum. As a future teacher, this one-year fellowship has been the perfect stepping stone experience between Breakthrough and classroom teaching.

The application for the next CoaHCorps is now available! I strongly encourage you to check it out! The CoaHCorps website is: Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the program!



CoaHCorps: YEAR 3!

CoaHCORPS is a paid year (Aug. – Aug.) of service at City on a Hill Charter High School in Boston, MA. Members commit to a full year in order to meet the students at their entering achievement levels and advance them beyond grade level. City on a Hill offers a $17,000 stipend as well as health and dental benefits. CORPS members deliver daily individualized instruction in literacy and numeracy to a fixed roster of students. On average, CORPs members meet with 15 students daily in a three-to-one setting and hold responsibilities including:

  • Tutoring in numeracy and literacy
  • Mentoring
  • Developing strong relationships with families
  • Tracking and reporting students’ results
  • Helping with homework, teaching good study habits, and reviewing course content
  • Facilitating extra-curricular activities

For more information, look at our website:


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